The fight for protection of victims of domestic, dating and sexual violence occurs not only in our communities, but in the halls of the Kentucky General Assembly in Frankfort, and the Congress in Washington, D.C.  Advocacy groups, concerned citizens and legislator champions are all working to bring new protections in our laws, and to repair parts of existing law that need updating or amending.

Currently in Kentucky we are working to create dating violence protections.  Kentucky remains as the last state the nation without immediate protection for victims in dating relationships, but with the 2015 General Assembly back in session there is hope this will finally change.  Stay tuned here for updates on this Kentucky legislative front.  We expect a bill to be filed in either the House or the Senate in early February.  When the bill is filed and has a number, we urge you to call and/or email your legislator directly asking them to consider giving the bill their support!

In the meantime, here are some helpful numbers and links to keep in mind:

Kentucky General Assembly Legislator Message Line: (800) 372-7181

Kentucky General Assembly Main Switchboard Line: (502) 564-8100

Find Your Kentucky State Legislator Here

The Kentucky General Assembly's official website is here